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consumer castle
Today I stopped in for lunch before the Web2.0 conference at a mall on Market St. in SF. While I ate lunch I watched a teenager dig through the garbage can to find a cup that he could use for a Coke refill at one of the fast food restaurants. He was finally chased away from another trashcan by a woman wiping the trays for her little segment of the food court. I had $5 out to give him, but he just kinda vanished.

Why are there hungry people in the mall, much less the US? What is happening in our society that allows kids to go hungry and scrounge for substinance. I don't even have a rational argument about this, and call me naive, but it is just so heart breaking to see people living so close to the edge in a consumer castle such as the mall. Especially after attending sessions about angel investors and dot com millionaires all day.

The imbalance of $$$ in our society is shameful.

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